Humanoid Robot

18 DOF (Degrees of Freedom) humanoid robot built from a kit.

Experimentation with various concepts in robotics (e.g. inverse kinematics).

Experimentation with remote brain concept. This includes a Linux embedded solution to replace the stock controller, a camera mounted on the robot acting as its eyes and a PC running computer vision software.

In more detail, the camera is plugged to the embedded Linux platform (RoBoard/BeagleBoard/Gumstix) and captures images at regular intervals. The platform is equipped with a WiFi module and runs a lightweight web server which serves the images at a reachable URL. The PC downloads the image from the fixed URL and analyzes it. After determining the action that the robot should do (e.g. raise its left arm), it sends the appropriate servo ID - movement combination back to the robot. Finally, the server running on the Linux platform receives the messages and drives the servos.