What does it do? Well, it generates titles for bullpapers.

What are bullpapers? Those of you involved in academia, should be aware of the many papers getting published. There are times when some paper titles contain exotic, excessively complex words just to make them look like they're important, extremely specialized etc. I don't need to explain where the "bull" part comes from.

It is comprised of 3 templates and 3 bull-levels for specialized bull-results. The words were collected from real papers.

Example output:

No arguments

Cognitive states of process-invariant measurement and magnetic modelling for correlated precipitations


Multichannel quadratic logic in diagnostic quantifiers


Synchronous receiver of elliptic migration in quantum affine hyper-distributed entanglements


Lattice h-Cobordism of rattling perturbation using transient quantitative deconvolution for finitely binaural transformations

You can get it from the project's page at my old site: http://www.int0x80.gr/projects/bullpaper.php