Automaton Project



The Automaton Project is desktop automation software. It lets you automate and test graphical user interfaces (GUI). It supports three ways of control.

  1. OCR
  2. Screenshots
  3. Record & Playback
Of course, you will be able to use a combination of these in a single script (not implemented). It only works for X11 for now.

I paused development of the project when Sikuli added some of the features I wanted to include. It's really hard to beat it as it is right now. Except screenshot matching speed. That's one thing that Automaton does better (doesn't matter much though). Another reason is that I had to rely on an opensource OCR engine due to limited resources and this hindered the development process very much.

Why use it:

If someone is working with a computer and he's doing parts of his job that don't require intelligence then this probably shouldn't be work for a human. Not because we like to be lazy, but because there are so many interesting things that we can work on that really need our attention. Many programmers employ scripting to automate their needs but non-programmer people cannot do this.


Definition of "automaton" or "why I chose this name":

<robotics, mathematics, algorithm> (Plural automata) A machine, robot, or formal system designed to follow a precise sequence of instructions. Free On-line Dictionary of Computing

1: a mechanism that is relatively self-operating; especially : robot
2: a machine or control mechanism designed to follow automatically a predetermined sequence of operations or respond to encoded instructions. Merriam-Webster

From Ancient Greek αὐτόματον (automaton), neuter of αὐτόματος (automatos, “self moving, self willed”). From αυτός (autos, “self”) + from Proto-Indo-European *mnti-, oblique stem of *méntis ("thought"). Cognates include Latin mēns, Sanskrit मति (matí), and Old English ġemynd (English mind). Wiktionary